We operate a fleet of modern vehicles ranging from a low emission Smart Car to an 18 tonne lorry.

All of our vans and lorries are refrigerated and fitted with temperature recorders and printers which all our uniformed drivers are competent and trained in the use of. These vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis and are disinfected weekly to ensure that there is no risk to your product whilst it is in our expert care.

If you need it done properly, professionally and on time.... choose Marshall transport.

To find out more please don't hesitate to contact our team for more information or call 01420 511289.

18 tonne lorry, 14 Pallets, Max Payload 8000 Kilos

7.5 tonne lorry, 7 Pallets, Max Payload 2500 Kilos

3.5 tonne van, 4 Pallets, Max Payload 750 Kilos

3.5 tonne van, 3 Pallets, Max Payload 1100 Kilos

2 tonne van, 1 Pallet, Max Payload 1000 Kilos

0.5 tonne van, 1 Pallet, Max Payload 400 Kilos

Smart Car